IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua said he wants to fight and defeat Oleksandr Usyk.

Joshua has two boxers he is thinking of fighting, but  Usyk is his major target as the next challenger and opponent. As regards the fight, Joshua made some comments about his potential opponent, Usyk.

In Joshua’s words, he said, said,  “A heavyweight challenger that will be in my eyesight for the end of March or early-April. A very credible opponent.

“When I’m trying to build my record, I want opponents like Usyk to say that I’ve defeated them.

“He uses his feet very well, and positions his hands well. You can’t hit him because his feet move so well. If you do manage to catch him, [the punches] are brushing off the gloves.

“What I’d do, as I have done already, is study him – from his footwork, his hand positioning, to his openings.

“Then I’d go to former people who have faced him and find out information on how to defeat him.”

Speaking more about Usyk’s career, it has been recorded in history that he is undefeated and has defended  undisputed cruiserweight championship against Tony Bellew.