The statue of Swedish football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic was on Wednesday, destroyed and set ablaze outside the stadium of his boyhood club, Malmo.

The setting ablaze of the statue occurred as a result of the fans’ reaction and fury at Ibrahimovic as the football star attempts to go into football ownership business and buying a stake of the club.

Ibrahimovic has an intention to make Hammarby the “best in Scandinavia” after acquiring nearly 25% of the Stockholm-based club in his first move into football club ownership.

Ibrahimovic expressing his intentions to a Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet in its Wednesday edition after the deal was announced said, “There are no limits to how big Hammarby can be,”

His decision to invest in Hammarby went down badly in Malmo, where Ibrahimovic grew up and started his illustrious and big career, just a month after a golden statue of the 38-year-old striker was unveiled at his former club’s stadium.

A toilet seat was placed around one of Ibrahimovic’s arms on the statue early Wednesday, a plastic bag put over his face, and his name was covered up, leading to the monument requiring police protection during the afternoon.

Source: Evening Standard