Former Super Eagles player, Jonathan Akpoborie, said he faced racial abuse during his playing time in Germany.

The talented Ex- Nigerian international made this statement, to  support the reaction of  Italy striker, Mario Balotelli, for attempting to walk out of the pitch after being racially abused in Brescia’s 2-1 loss to Hellas Verona on Sunday in the Italian Serie A.

Akpoborie plied his entire football trade in Germany with clubs such as; Hansa Rostock, VfB Stuttgart and VfL Wolfsburg scoring 143 goals in 325 appearances.

Speaking more about the racial abuse on Twitter, he tweeted, “Racism in football is one of the cruelest things in the world. I faced racism during my days in the Bundesliga,”

Akpoborie also noted that issues such as racism are handled differently by the affected persons, as he stressed more on Balotelli’s decision to walk out of the field.

On the solutions to the ravaging menace, Akpoborie in also stated that football governing bodies (FIFA and UEFA) must do better in handling the scourge.

He said, “We have different characters in different individuals, so they also have different ways of dealing with situations like that. Nobody can understand how you feel unless you have suffered the same. Racism is one of the worse things that can happen to a human being.”

“It’s time for FIFA and UEFA to stamp it out, they need to handle it with a strong hand, and it can be done.”

Source: Punch