War is what the UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin says, should be imposed on the football community following the abuse suffered by England players in Sofia on Monday.

Caferin heard about the latest racist story and reacted, as he said, “wage war on the racists.”

Speaking further, he said the governing body was committed to eradicating the “disease” from football, putting blame on a rise in nationalism across Europe for fuelling racism at matches.

“Believe me, Uefa is committed to doing everything it can to eliminate this disease from football,” said Ceferin in a statement.

“We cannot afford to be content with this, we must always strive to strengthen our resolve.

“More broadly, the football family – everyone from administrators to players, coaches and fans – needs to work with governments and NGOs (non-governmental organisations) to wage war on the racists and to marginalise their abhorrent views to the fringes of society.

“Football associations themselves cannot solve this problem. Governments too need to do more in this area.”

Source: Evening Standard