A football pundit Luciano Passirani has been banned from an Italian TV station after making a shocking racist comment about Inter Milan’s Romelu Lukaku.

Luciano said of the former Manchester United striker: “If they go one-on-one with you you’re dead, you fall to the ground. 

“The only way to out-muscle him is to give him ten bananas to eat…”

Director of the station Fabio Ravezzani went on air almost immediately and apologised for the comments, making clear that Passirani would not be allowed on the network ever again.

He added in a tweet later: “Only a part of the transmission was spread widely, cutting off the guest’s subsequent apology that he had a moment of unpredictable confusion while trying to make a joke.

“‘But the gravity of the comment remains and requires equally serious measures.”

Lukaku has experienced several racist incidents since he swapped to Milan this summer.

After he scored a winning penalty at Cagliari on September 1, some Cagliari fans could be heard making monkey noises from behind the goal.

Lukaku has spoken out about how football can combat racism from fans.

When asked if players should walk off, he said: “Yes, I think you have to leave a statement, of course, because it’s something we need to address.

“Football is international, football is multicultural, so if you really want to field the best players in the world, you have to make sure you receive them with open arms because they’re also willing to adapt to the culture.

“I think it’s really important not to discriminate and just appreciate the presence they bring into the country.”

Source: Evening Standard