Mr. Olaseni Peter said the word trafficking, is a disease that needs to be tackled and completely eradicated in this part of the world called Nigeria.

Speaking as a guest on the programme “Today on STV”, the President, National Council of Child Rights Advocacy of Nigeria also said different kinds of trafficking has been going on in Nigeria for years. 

He said the government and foreign agencies have been trying their best, but they need collaborative and collective efforts to make sure that trafficking is completely out of Nigeria.

He said further that they have a sensitization programme called “Operation Rescue a Child” which involves them going from house to streets to give reports of trafficking and child abuse of any form.

He said they have volunteers in the six municipal area councils in F CT that gives a lot of report and data of trafficking and child abuse in any form from different angle.

He stated that these reports are there to help free Nigerian children from child trafficking because they have cases of children that are out of school and on the streets.

He said that the collaborative effort is an empowerment of the CSOs, NAPTIP, and the entire child focused NGOs, so that they can come together to tackle the menace. 

He mentioned funding as part of the challenge they are facing; coupled with the fact that their volunteers need encouragement.

He said others are: the challenge of taking food from one point to the other, and they are in need of more synergy from the government to support what they are doing.

He urged government agencies to partner with CSOs in order to monitor the activities of what is going on in the various airports, seaports, borders and all areas where children are found.

He said there should also be sensitization programme in every community, so that the people would be aware of what trafficking is all about.

He appealed to government to make sure that the CSOs are involved and they should appoint representatives to get the necessary information and data of people going out of the country.

He said the agents and traffickers can be trapped down by some of the embassies so they need to help Nigeria fight child trafficking.

He concluded saying that, on their part, they are trying their best to curb the menace, giving justice to those that needs it, and nailing those that need to be nailed.