The Anambra State governor-elect Professor Charles Chuukwuma Soludo, according to Wikipedia is a core professional in the business of macroeconomics. He obtained his three degrees and then professorship at the University of Nigeria in Nsukka, Enugu State.

Soludo graduated with a First Class Honours degree in 1984, an MSc Economics in 1987, and a PhD in 1989, winning prizes for the best student at all three levels.

Soludo joined the federal government in 2003. Prior to his May 2004 appointment as the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Soludo held the positions of Chief Economic Adviser to former President Olusegun Obasanjo and Chief Executive of the National Planning Commission of Nigeria.

In January 2008, in a speech to the Nigerian Economic Society, he predicted consolidation in the private banking industry, saying “By the end of 2008, there will be fewer banks than there are today.

The restructuring of the banking industry has been attracting funds from local and foreign investors, which have increased banks’ ability to lend to customers.”] Chukwuma hopes to see Nigeria become Africa’s financial hub and considers microfinance important to the federal government’s economic policies.

Despite his allegiance to the People Democratic Party, the administration of the present All Progressive led President Muhammadu Buhari appointed Soludo on 16 September 2019 as a member of a newly formed 8-member Economic Advisory Council (EAC) which would report directly to the President.
Soludo’s Politics

In September 2009, Soludo announced his aspiration for the seat of the Governor of Anambra State, in the south-eastern Nigerian state’s election of 9 February 2010. On 9 October 2009, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) chose Soludo as their consensus candidate for the position from a field of 47 candidates, after repeated attempts to hold elective primaries were stalled by court injunctions.

However, his nomination was contested by 23 of the 47 aspirants, citing lack of transparency in the process. Soludo would later defect to the popular political party in Anambra, the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA and contested the governorship election of November 6, 2021 in which he won with  112,229  to beat APC, 43,285,  PDP, 53,807, among other votes.
He has since been declared as the governor-elect to be inaugurated in March 2022.