American singer, Solange Piaget Knowles has launched a free community library on Monday, with the aim to increase access to rare and out-of-print works by Black and brown authors.

The library whose unique features like curated collection of 50 books that readers in the US can borrow for up to 45 days, can be found in the songwriter’s creative studio Saint Heron.

With an intentional focus on students, artists, designers, musicians and literary aficionados the collection spans fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, visual arts and others.

The unique initiative has triggered comments from people. But the notable one amongst the well curated statement, found on Saint Heron’s website:

“We hope that by encountering these works, our community is inspired to further explore and study the breadth of artistic expression and the impact of Blackness in creative innovation throughout history.”

Collections from the library will vary by season, which will be compiled by a guest curator.

Other interesting benefits attached to the community library, is that readers have the opportunity to borrow one book per person, based on a first come, first served, while the books will be shipped to community members with the cost of shipping.