Why would someone go and watch your live performance when it doesn't make them happy? People want to enjoy themselves and so does the paying audience in Nigeria.
The panelists for the "The Future Of Live Music", On the day 3 of the Social Media Week Lagos spoke about the advantage of using technology to increase the effectiveness of live performances.

Here's our take out from the session:

  • Watching of live performances online will make more sense if the artiste performs a different perspective of the song that is different from the CD.
  • Live performances done online willl cut down on costs and logistics when you can get the internet to the rural areas. "The future is live streaming of performances".

"Do you think this generation's taste or trends of music doesn't encourage the live performance?" 
"I blame the fans because If the consumer asks for all good music from the radio and TV presenters the artists will make more good music." Sound Sultan also pointed out Isaac Gerald who was at the event asking the audience if they subscribed to his music (Gerald's) and when there was more silence than not, he made his point of the fans attitude and response demanding commercial Nigerian music.

The artiste's point was countered when Chyn Okereke said, "when we were doing 'the collective' we figured out who we were making the music for. Always know your target audience, you can't please the whole market.

Some people want to make money so they'll just perform in front of this tables at Eko Hotel even when there not getting the kind is feedback they want while some others will have the fans pay a flat rate from 5k to 20k or there about so as to have the real fans right infront of them sining along with them and having a good experience. 

An entertainment lawyer in the audience asked if the event planners preferred the money or giving the experience; One of the panelists said if the act went up the stage and just performed infront of the people with a great song  and the energy was great that will get people to dance. Irrespective of the setting or how much was paid.

Another of the panelists complained that most Nigerian acts didn't like to go for rehearsals, "during the MTV MAMA's most of the artistes wanted thier flights to be on the night before the event and not days before so that they can rehearse and get acquainted with the sound and the stage. That really needs to change.

  • The acts should try and go on tours it'll help them learn through experience she feedback how to communicate with an audience.

The ideal live performance according to Sound Sultan after being she'd what it was by an attendee of the session about what he thought is was "is not singing over your vocals, that's an absolute 'no, no' and try to either sing over your instrumentals or go the whole nine yards and bring a band.