The story of how armed robbers ambushed late President of the Senate Dr. Chuba Okadigbo reverberated last Friday where his family received a posthumous award in honour of the politician by the Silverbird Group.

The annual Silverbird Man of The Year Award at the Eko Hotel revealed the integrity and grassroots politicking of Okadigbo who used his works and positions to help the downtrodden Nigerians. Speaking, a representative of the Family, Chief Maduka described Okadigbo as a grassroots politician.

As he put it, “Okadigbo believed in using his political works to improve the lots of downtrodden Nigerians. The ordinary Nigerians love him and they believe in him. Chuba once told me of an incident while on one of those political campaigns.

His convoys of vehicles were driving on a road at night and suddenly there were ambush by armed robbers. As the armed robbers were moving towards his vehicle, he came out of the car and identified himself as Oyi of Oyi.

Suddenly the whole gangs of robbers were shouting, “Oyi” and they began to shoot into the air to honour him and waved him to pass. Now how many Nigerian politicians of today can risk identifying themselves to their constituents not to talk of identifying themselves to hoodlum ad criminals?

This is one of the legacies of Okadigbo. A grassroots politicians.”