Off the scene chemistry among some Hollywood stars is becoming alarming. Revelation of their pasts is becoming their undoing even when there are no vivid evidence to nail them.

Of course their current movies in which they appeared have been put on hold and may not be released until they clear the mess.

US actor Kevin Spacey is to be erased from a completed Hollywood film following the allegations of predatory sexual behaviour against him.

The actor who already appeared in a trailer for All the Money in the World, said he could not remember when he committed such sex scandal

His role in All the Money in the World is to be recast and his scenes reshot. The release is expected to go ahead as planned on 22 December.

The claims against Spacey span from the mid-1980s to last year.

Also,the US comedian Louis CK's movie premiere has been cancelled hours before the screening as five women levelled sexual misconduct allegations against him.

Four of the accusers told the New York Times he had masturbated during interactions with them and a fifth said he had asked to do so.

Actress Portia de Rossi also accused actor and producer Steven Seagal of sexual harassment.

The Arrested Development actress, who is married to US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, made the allegation in a tweet posted on Wednesday night.

She alleges that during a film audition Mr Seagal told her "how important it was to have chemistry off-screen" before unzipping his trousers.