Senator Ben Murray Bruce has been inducted into the first ever integrity hall of Fame in Nigeria by Nigerian Association of Christian Journalists.

The senator who was represented at the event was recognized for his enviable track record of integrity and being a recipient of the prestigious NACJ Integrity man of the year award.

The Award which recognises players from all spheres of the polity has integrity as it’s watch word which many here agreed is the bedrock of national development.

THIS PREMISED ON THE NOTION THAT Nigeria as a nation is facing challenges because of lack of integrity especially in the public sector and corruption taking centre stage.

According to them, integrity should begin from the home front where it transcends to the community and from there to the NATION AT LARGE.

The role of women was also emphasized as nation builders.

To this end, advocacy is on the continued and sustained campaigns of the social ills of lack of integrity and how the country can overcome this.