A bill seeking equal rights for women and men in marriage was rejected by the Nigerian senate at the upper chamber on Tuesday.

The bill, “Gender Parity and Prohibition of Violence against Women which was sponsored by Abiodun Olujimi, a senator from Ekiti state was easily turned down by majority of the law makers.

Olujimi, who is the Deputy Minority Whip of the senate, said that it seeks equal rights for women in marriage, education and job.

 The bill posited that a widow would automatically become the custodian of children in the event of the death of her husband, and would also inherit his property.But most of the lawmakers vehemently opposed the bill. 

The senate leader, Ali Ndume, said that the bill would do more damage than good if allowed to scale through as he urged Nigerians to stick with the rules that guide either their religious or traditional marriage.

According to him, crises do occur when couples who had performed both traditional and religious marriage rites find themselves in the middle of a divorce.

In his contribution, Sani Yerima, a senator from Zamfara state, argued the bill contradicts  Nigerian constitution as it negates the principles of the Sharia law, which the constitutions regards.

Senate President Bukola Saraki put the bill to a vote, to which the opposing senators shouted a thunderous “nay”, and subsequently had their way.