After the recent EndSARS protest that started in Nigeria Activist, Aisha Yesufu, says people now curse her at mosques.

In reaction to the development, Yesufu, asked them why they had not done so when she was protesting against the government of former President Goodluck Jonathan, The Punch reports.

Apart from the people cursing her, several northern elements, including an actor, threatened to harm her following her role in the protests.

Yesufu tweeted, “I heard I am being cursed in mosques! People finish praying and take time out to curse me in their prayers. I have asked that they should please let me know how many of these curses they rained on me when I was making the same demands during GEJ! We are all already cursed in Nigeria. Rolling on the floor laughing.”

During the protest, Yesufu, had the iconic photo of her in a flowing hijab with her raised clenched fist going viral on social media played a major role in the EndSARS protest. She is a co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls group.

Meanwhile, some of the movie stars in Kannywood like, Zahradeen Sani and Zainab Abdullahi, had called on northerners to attack Yesufu for her role in the protests.

In response to their claims, Yesufu tweeted, “I am not known in the North but a northern actors and actresses are taking time out to call for attack on me.

“Until Nigerians put sentiments aside and loudly demand #SecureNorth #EndInsecurity, Buhari wouldn’t, but I hear they said protest is not allowed in Islam. It seems the killings and an incompetent president and commander-in-chief doing nothing is allowed. What do I know?”