The images of the Glasgow knife attack suspect, Badreddin Abedlla Adam  has been released.

According to Evening Standard, the image is the first official image of the suspect who was shot dead by officers.

Twenty-eight year old Adam, from Sudan was gunned down by officers following a mass stabbing at a hotel in the city on Friday.

As confirmation of his identity,  by Police Scotland, “based on information the deceased provided to the Home Office earlier this year”, a picture was released.

Meanwhile, six people were injured, including police officer David Whyte, in the attack at the Park Inn Hotel in West George Street.

So far, on the other victims, three of the other males are asylum seekers while two are members of hotel staff.

Theier age grades fall within 17, 18, 20, 38 and 53 and all were still in hospital as of Saturday, one in a critical condition.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Mr Adam had been moved to the hotel along with around 100 other asylum seekers.