Suspected Boko Haram militants in Chad numbering Forty-four, have died of poisoning while in detention.

Report from BBC reveals that, the country’s public prosecutor confirmed this new development.

The militants were part of a group of 58 suspects captured during a recent major army operation against the Islamist group around Lake Chad.

While carrying out an investigation to find out the true cause of their death, four autopsies showed a lethal substance had led to their deaths.

Meanwhile, the justice minister disclosed told AFP that, the prisoners had not been ill treated.

On the role of Djimet Arabi, it was also discovered that he was responding to allegations that the prisoners were placed in a single cell and given no food or water after their transfer to the capital, N’Djamena, on Tuesday.

After the jihadists killed nearly 100 Chadian troops on 23 March during a seven-hour attack on an island base in Lake Chad, the military offensive was launched.

So far, it was the deadliest attack on the Chad’s army by Boko Haram since their insurgency spread across the border from Nigeria several years ago.