The Ibadan bound vehicles from Lagos were diverted to the Lagos bound side of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, early this morning due to a burning fuel tanker on the long bridge.

The tanker, according to eyewitness fell on the long bridge going towards Ibadan on Tuesday night, throwing the inflammable content on the road.

It exploded as vehicles quickly maneuvered to the other side of the road to escape from the inferno. Residents who live on that axis got home early Wednesday because the fire service men did not arrive to put out the fire until this morning.Lagos-Ibadan Expressawy

Our correspondent, who monitored the situation, observed that the tanker driver lost the control of the long vehicle due to brakes failure. The vehicle fell and exploded immediately.

As a result of this incident, both sides of the road were blocked with thousands of commuters stranded. Couple with the ban on okada, commuters resorted to trekking the long distance to get to their destinations.

Schoolchildren, traders, white collar jobbers all stranded in the traffic. However, the men of the Federal and State Fire Service had arrived as at the time the story was being filed to put out the fire.