Ijeoma Tagbo

An Estate Surveyor and Valuer, Mr. Emeka Okoronkwo has called on the Federal Government to use the period of economic recession for research and assemble strategies to bring solutions.

He said this during a chat on “Today On STV”, urging the government to identify the clear avenues where the country needs to make impact and rebound the economy.

According to him, the government needs a bi-partisan approach, which should include assemblage of the best minds and an Audit of what have happened during the year.

“This should be done to identify places where the country needs quick intervention; areas where it needs to hasten up as fast as possible to save time. 

“We are in difficult times, everyone is feeling the pain, service providers, costs are going up, government is having their own problem," he said

On the development of real estate sector, Okoronkwo identified the inability of bank to give funds to solve the problem of infrastructural deficit, 

He called on government to capitalize on the US foreign policy being envisaged by the president-elect, Donald Trump, adding that this is the best time for Nigeria to do urban renewal because many Nigerians in the US would want to come back home to settle down.

In the Real Estate Sector, Okonkwo said there were divergent ways that the sector could help to rebound economy. He says that the sector had engaged itself in research, which it would like government to tap into.

“One of the major issues the government should also be looking at the recent development, environmental problems, Its a function of what our educational system can begin to present people because you are the totality of what you know, and what you have been processed and the socialization that you are able to have,’ he said.