Human Rights lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana has condemned the deposition of Emir Muhammed Sanusi of Kano, saying it is illegal. Falana said that the former CBN governor was never prepared for the outcome of his face-off with the State Government.

“We are operating in an atmosphere of official impunity. As far as the law is concern, the emir was removed without due process, as if that was not enough, his right to liberty, his right to locomotion has been violated. And now, he has been banished contrary to some wishes. He has also been restricted to locals in Nasarawa State.

“Without pretending to give the emir a fair hearing, he announced his removal. That is alien to our law and constitution. And very specific, it’s specifically clearly in the constitution that nobody shall be punished for an offense that is not defined by the law. So the Kano State Government has not pointed to any section of the law that the Emir (Sanusi) was alleged to have committed or violated.

“Again, as I said, even if he has breached the law, or committed an offense, the law will require that he will be allowed to react. And that is what the provision of the constitution section 36, fair hearing is all about.

“What happened yesterday was a charade… The Emir was not allowed to defend himself. The Emir was caught unawares. If you are going to fight the ruling class, you have to be ready. You should have an endearing relationship with the people you are fighting for.”