The brilliant Egyptian Liverpool forward, Mohamed Salah may give both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo a stiff contest if he wins UEFA Champions League, no doubt.

Having won the PFA player of the year award, the former Roma player is gradually breaking records with another two great goals against his former club Roma in their semi-final first leg at Anfield on Tuesday.

Salah did not only bring thrilling moments to Anfield and Enlish Premiership, the Pharaoh’s son has kept every mouth agape with his skills and domineering status on the pitch.

Like Ronaldo and Messi, Salah has turned himself to a new idol that gets people on their feet each time he creates new move in front of goal. “On their feet and applauding,” that is what happens consistently whenever Salah touches ball.

There are hot streaks and then there are hot streaks. This shows no sign of slowing down. Salah is threatening to take Liverpool all the way to glory.

Though, Liverpool will have to show ingenuity in their second leg in Rome, the club 5-2 win over Roma is not too bad to throw the English Club in the Champions League final.

And if Liverpool eventually clinch the cup, the glory will not only be for the Liverpool, it will put Salah at an advantage to carry the Ballon D’Or award.