Russia’s recent invasion on Ukraine has extended to the city, Kyiv where the country has carried out missile attacks on the capital.

Ukraine officials have confirmed in a tweet that Russian operatives and troops are now in Kyiv as multiple explosions are heard in the city.

According to reports, at least one apartment building in the capital has been damaged, leaving three people have been injured.

On deaths and casualties, Ukrainian President Zelensky have confirmed that 137 Ukrainian citizens, both soldiers and civilians, died on Thursday

This development has prompted Zelensky to address the nation and has appealed to Russia for a ceasefire.

Zelensky also extended his appeal to UK PM Boris Johnson and pleaded with other Western allies to do more to stop Russia’s assault

The attack has affected the normal business activities in the country as new sanctions on Russia, including asset freezes on banks, are imposed from Brussels to Canberra

President Vladimir Putin has defended the invasion, saying there was no other way to defend Russia.