An aircraft repair plant in Ukraine’s western city of Lviv has been hit with missiles on Friday morning as the war in Ukraine continues.

According to the city’s mayor, Andriy Sadovy, the scene of the attack which is 50 miles from the border occurred 6am on Friday in form of a blast, preceded by the sound of air raid sirens, prompting smoke to rise in the sky.

He also said the civilian airport had not been hit and that authorities were assessing the situation with a plan to issue updates.

After the incident occurred, emergency vehicles moved to the scene, while motorists were turned away at checkpoints.

The Ukrainian air force disclosed that the aircraft repair plant was struck by cruise missiles fired from the direction of the Black Sea and that other Russian missiles were reportedly shot down by Ukrainian anti-aircraft defences before reaching their target.

So far, Sadovy said no casualties have been reported as the plant was not in operation at the time of the strike.

Lviv has been described as the soul of Ukraine and a symbol of Ukrainian nationalism, while Its citizens were among the strongest supporters of the country’s separation from the Soviet Union.