The Ukrainian capital of Kyiv have been seriously damaged by Russian shelling in the early hours of Tuesday as the war in the country continues.

According to Ukraine’s state emergency service, two people have been confirmed dead while, 35 people were rescued after the airstrike that hit one block of flats, BBC reports.

Considering the intensity of the bombing, other residential buildings have been affected by the shelling, the Kyiv City State Administration has confirmed.

Below is a list of buildings in the Ukrainian capital that have been damaged by the shelling overnight:

Two residential buildings of nine and 16 floors in the Sviatoshynskyi district, a 10-storey residential building in Podilskyi district, house in the private sector of Darnytskyi district, and part of the Lukyanivska metro station.

More evacuation efforts are being carried out at the moment as more than 4,000 people have left the besieged city of Mariupol on Monday.

Meanwhile, negotiations between Russian and Ukrainian representatives are set to resume.