The Duke and Duchess of Sussex  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have landed in Africa, Cape Town precisely, for their ten-day tour of Africa.

Since dressing is one of those things that distinguish an African from people in other continents, Meghan Markle opted for a black and white wrap dress by ethical brand Mayamiko, £69, which is already sold out.

The idea of putting on African attire was not farfetched from her idea of championing the support of local designers as well as showcase sustainable fashion.

Her Africa visit obviously will aim to help the most disadvantaged people in Malawi through The Mayamiko Fashion Lab.

It was recorded from a reliable source that, staff will be given training in sewing and tailoring, as well as financial skills which leads to a recognised qualification at the lab, where all the brand’s clothes are made.

In the area of donation, the brand also donates £1 for each garment sold directly to Mayamiko Trust and has given over £20,000 since it began.