On a daily basis, there are various discoveries that come from the tech world; and one of the trending one in Nigeria is the emergence of Digital Cards.

As regards the recent information concerning the conventional business cards, tech expert, Demola Adetona said 91 percent of business cards go into the dust bin.

In this regard, while speaking on the show ‘Today on STV’ Demola said, there is a change and there is something better, which is the Digital Card.

Stating the importance of the cards, Demola stated that, the card is beyond just throwing them away, as  they can scan the information of the cards with the phone and not disposing the cards after use.

Speaking further, the tech guru said they have strategies in the sector because they are in different sectors especially the banking sector.

Stating the sectors, Demola stated that they have 17 sectors, and the area of climate change is important.

Talking about impact, he said the business has impacted on his life because his partner is in the UK, and the idea has helped start-ups.

Revealing another important aspect of the idea, Demola stressed that there is an APP which works by downloading and adding template which are free; emphasizing that, SMEs can put a business name, and the app designs the card.

On another aspect of the digital card, the premium pack service is what Demola talked abvout, saying it can be bought out rightly, and can be subscribed at the rate of N325 naira; stressing that if one is a sales agent he or she will need more.

Look below for the video

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keY5Ec8O9I8[/embedyt]