Understanding men’s dress code, etiquettes, and how it affects their appearance, matters a lot in this generation.

More so, colors and patterns are very important in men’s fashion because the appearance of a man, will first tell if he possess an attribute of a gentleman; or else, he would not want to go out there, looking like a mental patient.

A professional men’s wear maker Victor Okafor, said, ‘’If you are using patterns, know how to combine both colors and patterns to look decent and appropriate for events.’’

While speaking as a guest on the programme “Today on STV”, the CEO of Trillion House fashion outfit, also revealed that, it is very important to know what colors to combine and how to combine them.

The fashion designer also said he is a Doctor, but fashion is like a hubby to him; and he likes looking very clean all the time, stating that he would have ventured into the fashion business back in school, but academics did not give him time.

He said further that, being a Doctor and a fashion designer is difficult, because he has to make out time; even though he has subordinates he teaches to work for him, when he is not around.

He also said, he does male and female wears but concentrates mostly on male wears, emphasizing that the color code for guys should be restricted and colors should suit the skin type: for dark people, they should go for something bright, for light skinned people they should go for something a little bit darker and guys should go for colors that will compliment their complexion.

Concerning the brightness of the colors and the combination, Mr. Okafor expantiated, saying that, both of them matter and they play very important role in the fashion industry; using politicians as example, revealing that are always on Blue, Red etc.

He advised fashion enthusiasts to put on colors that complement each other, and guys should go for patterns and the sizes that matters for a good combination, stating that masculine colors are Blue Red, White, Burgundy.

While other people claim to get their fashion inspiration and information from the internet, the fashion expert said, his inspiration comes from the fabrics after having a look at them.

In the Mr. Okafor’s closing words he considered Wrist watches, Belts, Shoes, Shades and Bracelets as five things he places value on, in his wardrobe; while Ash, White, Black, Brown and Blue are his favourite colors.