Mutinying soldiers have arrested and detained the President of Burkina Faso, Roch Kaboré in Ouagadougou on Monday.

The detention comes after Some troops in the West African nation demanded for more resources to fight Islamist militants and sacking of military chiefs.

As a result of the mayhem, the capital, Ouagadougou has experienced gunfire which had been heard overnight near the presidential palace and at barracks.

Despite the development, the government on Sunday denied suggestions of a military coup or that the president was under arrest.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed in a report by foreign media that President Kaboré was detained at a military camp by mutinying soldiers.

Other evidences attached to the report was revealed through a video from the capital which appears to show armoured vehicles, reportedly used by the presidency.

More evidently on the vehicles abandoned in the street were bullet holes.