The man who claim to have found Daniel Sturridge’s dog has accused him of not paying the “$20,000 to $30,000” reward the former Liverpool striker originally offered for its return.

The footballer’s Pomeranian Lucci was returned to him on Wednesday after it was allegedly stolen from his Los Angeles home.

In a series of videos posted to his 3.5m followers on Instagram this week, Sturridge made an emotional plea to find Lucci, adding that he would pay tens of thousands of dollars as a reward.

“I want my dog back, and I’ll pay whatever. It don’t matter, it don’t matter the cost,” he said. But, the rapper who claimed to have found the dog said Sturridge has not paid him any money

“Don’t offer a reward if you not planning on Living up to your word!!” the local musician, Foster Washington, rapper name Killa Fame, tweeted.

He has since changed his Twitter handle to: Yes I found Lucci.

On Thursday he tweeted: “So the world is gonna except @DanielSturridge promising 30k reward for the return of his dog and lied…

“But fault me for finding the dog and returning him.  SAD AMERIC”

He also posted a screenshot of a conversation between him and a person who claimed to be Sturridge’s agent who said the footballer “would like to express his gratitude” and “would make sure you are paid accordingly”.

Earlier, Mr Washington had said it was his 11-year-old nephew who had found Lucci near 8800 South Central Avenue in Los Angeles.

“I took my nephew to the store about 9pm last night,” he said shortly after the dog’s return.

“He walked to the store and came back with this gorgeous dog.

“I was like ‘let’s keep it’ and I put it in my car.

“Then a friend of mine walked past and said ‘this dog is famous, it’s the dog from the news … they’re offering 30,000 dollars for it’.”

Mr Washington then shared a picture on Twitter of the dog in his car, where he lives south Los Angeles with his family, with the caption: “Is this Lucci ?”

He said Sturridge later made contact with him and organised to meet with him, arriving with “around seven” people “at 1am”.

The father of four shared photos of himself and his family with Sturridge as the footballer came to collect Lucci.

In his own video, Sturridge also said that  he and some friends went to south LA to pick up the dog after a tip off.

On Thursday the footballer said he was “absolutely delighted” that the pet had been returned.

He said: “Absolutely delighted – just want to say a big thank you to everyone on social media for supporting us and raising awareness.”

Los Angeles Police Department are investigating the incident at Sturridge’s home in the city, but could not confirm to PA that the dog had been returned or whether any arrests had been made.

Sturridge is without a club after being released by Champions League winners Liverpool this summer.

Source: Evening Standard