Today is Good Friday worldwide, but looks different from the previous ones because of the lockdown which has come as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic experienced by most countries globally.

As a measure to reduce the spread of the pandemic which is killing thousands of people, governments in various countries of the world have adopted, social distancing and lockdown of their economy, amongst other measures.

This new development which has put the world to a halt, has affected most regular economic, social and religious activities, like the Easter celebration, just like today’s Good Friday.

Christian faithfuls around the world, have rather decided to stay at home instead of going to their various religious centers to observe the Good Friday and Easter celebration.

One major reason for this act is the effect and outcome of the spread of the pandemic called coronavirus-in the past few weeks, there has been a surge in deaths globally, mostly in Britain, US, Spain and others.

The US and in particular New York is currently experiencing more deaths, as 799 people have died from the virus, on Thursday in the city.

Since today is Good Friday, the number of people who have died from Covid-19 globally, calls for a sober reflection and prayer for all the nations of the world.

According to Johns Hopkins University 96,000 have lost their lives and confirmed infections have reached an estimated 1.6 million.