Mr. Kive Kokori, an ICT consultant said the telecoms service providers in Nigeria are not trusted and that is the only reason why one needs two phones.

Speaking as a guest on "Today on STV" he said too much money was demanded from investors when they came and that is the reason they have to channel it back to the people.

He also said there are so many issues in Nigeria in the area of telecoms; in which, lack of infrastructure and good regulation are not exempted.

He stated that, in a country like Nigeria where there are no infrastructures and security, it is usually hard to provide services especially in the aspect of power; which in turn results into expensive services.

He also said consumers have the right to the best service but corruption has pervaded the system and most regulators don't actually do as much as they should do because there are a whole lot of kickbacks behind the scene.

He revealed that investors are not encouraged in Nigeria since most of the investments are to be carried out through bank loans but the interest rate is very high.

He said an example is Etisalat that is now 9Mobile took a loan of about 1.2billion dollars but they could not meet up with the loan.

He stressed that consumers suffer a lot because they pay for services they don't get and companies are not giving as much as they should.

He said the regulators have to pay more attention to consumers, making reference to NCC that does not have a call line for consumers to call and complain.

He also said, despite the fact that pricing model is being reduced, there is a whole lot more that Nigeria can do as a country and as a people to make internet and voice calls communication very prevalent

He said further that Nigeria have too many unnecessary regulation in Nigeria that are not effective and the service providers ends up spending unnecessary amount of money.

In his closing words he said the solution is that consumers should be considered and there should be availability of loans that will aid their business, with low interest.