Veteran Nollywood actor Ramsey Nouah says having a pure heart is the secret that a celebrity needs to implore to avoid scandals.

Speaking on “Entertainment Gist”, he said, whether anyone like it or not if one is a singer entertainer, he or she is prone to scandal, and just one thing can destroy the reputation of that person.

Speaking further, the actor gave an example with a proverb that one good egg can destroy the rest, saying that he tries not to find himself in an environment where he cannot control, because it puts his sanity together and has preserved him.

When asked about how he has been able to maintain his young look he said, having a clean pure heart is the secret, stressing that even though he finds himself in any situation, he moves on because, a new day is a new day, and a new beginning is a new beginning.

Ramsey has encouraged the youths to live up their dreams despite the situation around them.

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