Talented content creator and comedian, MC Makopolo said pranking is one of the most risky content to create.

The digital media guru who also specialises in one of the most interesting pranks shared his experience about content, comedy and acting, on the show, “Silverbird Today”

Going memory lane, Makopolo also stated how his journey into the content business started. He said he never had the plan that he wanted to do those things but found out that he could do them.

On his MC career, Makopolo revealed that he started emceeing properly from the university. In his words:

“That was where I really discovered I could make money out of it. And I actually used that to pay my school fees while I was in the university. My dad died while we were much younger, my mum had to cater for five my brothers,’

“When I got to the university, I was looking for another means to make money. My friend called me and said I can make money from what I do. So he told me there was a show that night, which the dean of student was present. When I did the show the dean of student said I want this guy to be a major host.”

Speaking further, Makopolo also spoke about his view about content, and getting better. He said,  “There is no stopping point for me. I do a lot and I have always seen the need to improve. When it’s difficult, that is the challenge for me. In my head, I try to make difficult things look easy.

“I’m always seeing need to improve. Prank is one of the hardest content you can think of. If you watch my pranks there is always a story line. What I do is real pranks, not stage performance,’

On the next level of the pranks, Makopolo stated that he looks for everyday problems and bring them into reality and he will be taking pranks to the cinemas.

Look below for the video[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0p7t9NXa3pM[/embedyt]