As coronavirus rules force worshippers to stay indoors, Pope Francis has done his Easter Sunday Mass live to Catholics in an almost-empty St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Evening Standard reveals that, the head of the Catholic Church usually delivers Easter Mass to a congregation of tens of thousands in St. Peter’s Square.

As Christians are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, the service is considered the most important in the Christian calendar and is usually joyful.

With Italy one of the hardest-hit countries by the global coronavirus pandemic, the safest option to avoid the spread of the pandemic has been social distancing measures and a halt to public gatherings amongst others.

Christian faithfuls and worshippers were stopped by Policemen who formed a barrier on the outside of the square.

Delivering the service, Francis who urged political leaders in particular to give hope and opportunity to laid-off workers, called for solidarity across the world to confront the “epochal challenge” posed by the coronavirus pandemic.