Pope Francis on Saturday promised to meet soon with Ukrainian officials to discuss the possibility of a visit to the war-torn country.

The development occurred during a question-and-answer session with children in one of the Vatican’s main courtyards.

Interestingly, a question bothering on the situation in Ukraine was asked by a Ukrainian boy named Sachar asked who said, “Can you come to Ukraine to save all the children who are suffering there now?”

Francis, 85, responded that he often thought of Ukrainian children and wanted to visit the country but had to choose the right time.

According to a Vatican transcript of the event, he elucidated. “It is not easy to make a decision that could do more harm than good to the rest of the world. I have to find the right moment to do it” he added.

Speaking further, Francis also said, “Next week I will receive representatives of the Ukrainian government, who will come here to talk, to talk even about an eventual visit of mine there. We’ll see what happens.”