US President, Donald Trump has left office after a farewell address on Tuesday.

Trump said, “We did what we came to do – and so much more.”

Trump, while speaking in a video posted on YouTube, he said he took on “the tough battles, the hardest fights… because that’s what you elected me to do”.

It was recorded that Trump, in the last US election in November, lost to Democrat Joe Biden, but he has has still not fully accepted the result of the election.

The swearing in ceremony of Joe Biden as president will take place on Wednesday.

While, Trump is going out as US President, he has decided to use his final hours in office to issue dozens of pardons and commutations for people, including Steve Bannon, his former advisor, who is facing fraud charges.

As for Biden, he has chosen to lead a national tribute to the 400,000 Americans who have died of Covid-19, on the eve of his inauguration.

At sundown on Tuesday, 400 lights were illuminated in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC to honour those who have lost their lives to the disease.