The sudden storming of U. S. Congress last week,  by some Pro-Trump supporters has made Speaker, Nancy Pelosi step up the pressure on Vice-President, Mike Pence to remove Donald Trump from office.

For the development to come to reality, Pence is seen as the key personality.

For this reason, lawmakers are expected to bring up a resolution asking Mr Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to declare the president unfit for office.

In reaction to the plan, Mr Pence is said to oppose the idea.

Moreover, there is a plan by the Democrats to vote and impeach Mr Trump if he refuses.

After the incredible scene, sources have disclosed that Trump actually urged supporters to march on the Capitol.

Meanwhile, a series of tweets by Trump has made several social media platforms, including Twitter; ban the President from their platforms.

While, Democrat Joe Biden will be expected to be sworn in as president, Trump

is due to leave office on 20 January.

Interestingly, Trump has said he will not attend Mr Biden’s swearing-in ceremony