President Donald Trump has accepted that Joe Biden will be the next US president.

This development occurred a day after his supporters invaded the US Capitol as Congress was certifying Biden’s victory.

Trump, on Thursday morning claimed falsely that the election had been stolen from him.

In reaction to the situation, Trump, in a video released on Thursday evening said, “Serving as your president has been the honour of my lifetime.”

In his speech, Trump kicked against Wednesday’s violence, emphasizing that rioters had defiled the seat of American democracy, and said his focus would now turn to ensuring a smooth transition.

Concerning the election result, sources have disclosed that there are no evidences to back up Trump’s claims, because the statement was a complete reversal, for the President, who has spent months insisting he prevailed in the November 3 election due to widespread fraud, despite no evidence.

Interestingly, Democrats have called for the removal of Trump from office, following Wednesday’s assault.

This occurred after the president’s remarks.