New Zealand has delayed the upcoming election in the country by four weeks after new coronavirus outbreak was confirmed.

This new development is a decision by the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who has become sensitive to the danger in conducting the election as the country discovered new cases of the deadly coronavirus.

In accordance to the election delay, it was disclosed that the election will now be held on October 17 against the the initial September schedule.

In reaction to the rising cases of covid-19 patients, the Prime Minister has announced on Monday that the election should be of the rescheduled.

Meanwhile, opposition parties had called for the delay because they said sticking with the original was preventing them campaigning with the country’s largest city Auckland on lockdown for two weeks.

Interestingly, Ms Ardern’s decision to reschedule the election is in accordance with the law. Moreover, it was disclosed that, under New Zealand law, she has the option of delaying the election for up to about two months.

Ms Ardern under the Labour party is expected to win a second term with it being significantly ahead in the polls.

In Ms Arden’s tenure so far,  there has been pressure which has came as a result of criticism and anger over the re-emergence of covid-19 after 102 days of no new cases in the community.