As a result of an alleged scandal, the Tunisian Prime Minister Elyes el-Fakhfakh has resigned.

According to a confirmation from the head of government the president’s office revealed that, he submitted his resignation on Wednesday morning, BBC reports.

On the reasons for his resignation, in the past week, there was intense pressure on Mr Fakhfakh from members of parliament over an emerging alleged financial scandal.

Mr Fakhfakh’s resignation has triggered reactions, because the period he spent in office has so far been the shortest, lasting less than six months as prime minister.

Another angle to Mr Fakhfakh’s resignation was an alleged conflict of interest, coupled with rifts in parliament, led by the moderate Islamist party Ennahda, and threats by lawmakers to withdraw confidence in his government.

Looking at figures, he was also is accused of maintaining shares in private companies that won state contracts amounting to $15m (£12m).

The outgoing prime minister has denied accusations of corruption and has previously said he would step down if an ongoing investigation showed any wrongdoing.

Mr Fakhfakh’s resignation was described in a statement from the prime minister’s office a as serving the national interests of the country and would help the president in a new way out of the crisis.

Meanwhile, the latest development is that, the president is expected to appoint Mr Fakhfakh’s successor within a week’s time – who will have a maximum of two months to form a government that needs to be backed by a majority of lawmakers.