Coalition of Self-Determination Groups Leader, Rasaq Oladosu and Public Affairs Analyst Alesta Wilcox have both express their views on the topic, Amotekun: Child of Necessity Vs Illegality, on Saturday.

Speaking as a guest on the programme ‘’The Debate’’, Rasaq who spoke in support of Amotekun security outfit stated that,  the same Yoruba people that were once called cowards are on the move, and they are on the edge, just the way they were on edge during June 12 stressing they are ready to put those that are against Amotekun on edge again.

Speaking further, on regionalism, Rasaq  said the issue of 36 states is very simple, backing up his claims with a western proverb that says, ‘’if one is being scotched by fire and his child is going through the same experience, he will put out the one on his body before the one on the child.’’

Using exclusive list, as an example Rasaq also said, ’’ Nigeria is a funny country because whatever would profit them they will hammer on it, but when the federal police want to collect money from state to fund and finance a federal police that is being budget for, they will do it, which is illegal. How many house of assembly budgeted for police intervention fund?’’

Concluding his argument on another reason why Amotekun should stay, Rasaq also said, ‘’the westerners say they are tired of the killing, people will be able to go to sleep, even if it is our brother that is killing us, let Amotekun deal with him.’’

On the other end of the discourse, the public affairs analyst Mr. Alesta Wilcox disagreed with his fellow debater and gave reasons from the security point of view, why Amotekun should not stay.  He said, ‘’you don’t create tension because you want to solve a problem, nobody wants to be killed, raped, kidnapped.’’

Citing an example to back his point, he stated that, if he is driving along Lagos Ibadan, Ijebu-ode and he does not see a policeman, along the Shagamu interchange, he will be worried.

Alesta speaking further, also revealed that,  if security is what everybody is concerned about and in going about it, there is no pre-conceived notion of what the cause of the problem is, in order to address it, there must be a holistic view.

Still speaking on the reasons Amotekun should not stay, Alesta x-rayed the danger which may arise, if every state decides to replicate the gesture of Amotekun.

In his concluding words, Alesta said,  ‘’if there is Amotekun, the Igbo’s do Ogbonegwe, the South-south do Egbesu, what is the duplication, multiplication and what is the outside effect? There are so much guns in the system, and if there is no law regulating Amotekun, and more layers of security. If there is no law regulating Amotekun and the structure, if they have to bear arms, what is the kind of arms they have to bear, they are creating a problem!’’

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