After the just concluded governorship elections that in Bayelsa and Kogi State respectively, some security agencies including the police have been accused by civil society groups of aiding rigging and electoral manipulations.

In reaction to the act by the security agencies, the Centre for Democracy and Development and the Centre for Citizens with Disabilities knocked the security operatives for allegedly colluding with state officials to undermine the electoral process in both states.

Speaking on the malicious act by the security agencies the CDD Executive Director, Idayat Hassan presented a report on the elections to journalists in Abuja on Monday, and said many voters were disenfranchised in Kogi as a result of threats to life.

Concerning the overall attitude of other people, she said the elections were “violently and crudely undermined by an unrelenting band of partisan outlaws,” noting that CDD observers and journalists in Kogi reported the death of 10 persons and over 79 critical incidents during the polls in the state.

Hassan trying to describe the horrible scenario said, “The sheer magnitude of the violent assault on the sanctity of the ballot was shocking beyond description. The outcome of such a process that was so criminally subverted should not be allowed to stand.

After various shooting incidents and attacks across the state, a reliable source reported that, the death of 10 people was recorded in the state.

Source: Punch