The Modern Democratic Party (MDP) candidate contesting to represent Eti-Osa constituency at the Federal House of Representative Bankole Wellington, well known as Banky W, has been monitoring the 2019 election exercise closely.

Banky W, a popular Nigerian Musician and politician on Saturday 23, during election and voting exercise, took his time to monitor the voting process.

As a result of the close monitoring, Banky W noticed an unnamed opponent who attempted to disrupt the vote counting process at the Marwa ward in Lagos, then took to his twitter handle to spread the information.

Chatting on his twitter handle, the Eti-Osa constituency Federal House of Reps candidate said:

‘Some characters came in trying to scatter the Marwa location, claiming that counting should be stopped because it is past 2am. We resisted their attempts with the help of the police. We have all been here all day and will not move until every single vote is counted’

Good enough the police came forth to intervene at 3:30am; he replied and said:

‘Thanks to the Police at Marwa, order has been restored, and counting continues. U want to win? Earn it. Don’t come in here with touts trying to intimidate us and scatter the place. This is Eti-Osa! This is Lagos! Have a seat & watch the count like the rest of us. Nonsense!’