The presidential candidate of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar Said, he lost some money in Bank PHB as an investor.

Atiku also said he visited the US because he had invitation from a number of organisations in the US and felt it was the appropriate time to come.

Speaking to STV News as on skype from the US, Atiku revealed that, he also went to meet with those that can revive Nigerian unemployment issues.
Stating further, he revealed that, he will discuss with them to see how Nigeria can be revived to create employment, stressing that Nigeria has the highest unemployment rate in history, which was brought about by the current administration.

When asked why he chose US, he revealed that the United States of America is very big, powerful and influential; emphasizing that their laws cannot be escaped, stressing that, if they can prosecute heads of state and other individuals, there is no one they cannot prosecute.

Talking about issuing visa, Atiku said, the issue of visa is the prerogative of the country to issue visa to anyone it wishes to.

Speaking further on the issue of visa, Atiku revealed that an ambassador who is a member of the board of directors of his university was denied visa, by President Buhari.

On the issue of him accused of benefiting from the fall of Bank PGB, he responded saying that he was an investor in Bank PHB and even lost his own money at Bank PHB, accepting to make himself available, to be questioned.

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