Sometimes, the thought that comes to the minds of most Nigerians when the topic ‘corruption’ is being discussed is that, corruption cannot be specifically described.

This thought is a reminder that the standard for what the Nigerian government calls corruption according to the assessment of most Nigerians is faulty.

According to Matthew T. Page, a non-resident scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace he said ”corruption is the single greatest obstacle preventing Nigeria from achieving its enormous potential. It drains billions of dollars a year from the country’s economy, stymies development, and weakens the social contract between the government and its people.’’

In the view of Mrs Foluke Micheal, she is optimistic that the young ones in Nigeria are capable of solving the problem of corruption.

While speaking as a guest on the programme, Today on STV, Mrs Michaels, the Project Director, Creative youth Initiative against Corruption said, the young ones were born to fix the future of Nigeria since corruption is the major problem.

Mrs Michael also said to solve the problem of corruption she is using her youth initiative (CYCDI), is to pursue, promote and implement sustainable projects that will boost community growth whilst curbing corruption, substance abuse, child abuse and any other menace that can undermine national and global development, general health and well-being, to solve the problem of corruption.

She also stated that her initiative is building culture of integrity, which she will start with children because there is a clear future for them, stressing that children have been drawn from age 12-25 that will take over, with a focus on integrity

She revealed that the culture is very bad, and through the power of creativity and innovation they can move from the starting point to implementation.

Mrs Micheal revealed that she has different initiatives for different group but the process entails giving the children which are mostly from primary school a topic to work on without telling them what to do, convert the picture of how they see Nigeria, to tell the story of corruption with the aim of building a culture of integrity with creativity.

In terms of achievement so far Mrs Micheal said they have 4,000 schools and have impacted 10,000 students, invited them for interview to get their view about Nigeria, and they have all become the initiative’s project.

In her concluding words, Mrs Micheal revealed that the aim of the initiative is vote the right people into power with emphasizing that the strongest impediment to achieving sustainable, achievable, development growth is corruption.