Senator Shehu Sani, representing Kaduna Central has alleged the All Progressives Congress of perpetrating a 21st century political scam.

Sani who just crossed from APC to PRP said this during an exclusive interview on a national TV, adding that he is sure of winning the senatorial seat in his new party if the ruling party would allow level playing ground.

He said, “APC has disappointed not only me but also the country. It is a party that came with a lot of promise and pledges but it has failed to dispense justice even to his members.

You can see the consistent protest in the national secretariat, the objection and the crisis. And I think one former senator, Ita Giwa put it succinctly as a party that has become a home of confusion. It is unfortunate that this party that has promised to change this nation could not even deliver change to itself.

The party cannot last beyond the political life span of President Muhammadu Buhari. Buhari remains the heart, the soul and the oxygen of the party. I don’t think, after Buhari, there will be APC again, in the sense that everything begins and ends with him.

When you have a party like that, you know that the terminal point is predictable.”