There was a lot riding on the Peoples Democratic Party’s national convention held on Saturday in Abuja.

The PDP before the convention had endured a torrid two years. The party was torn apart at the very seams by a battle for chairmanship of the party.

The Supreme Court eventually settled that. Saturday’s convention was supposed to show the PDP had finally gotten its act together, exorcised its demons. But did it?

The convention is considered by many as a predetermined outcome. One of the contestants for the national chairmanship seat of the party, Prof Tunde Adeniran has rejected the results.

Bode George another key figure pulled out just before the convention. Both of them are now aggrieved party members. Will they be convinced to bury hatchet?

The APC was watching that convention closely. It’s verdict? A leopard cannot be rid of its spots. Its statement today was almost gleefully written, you got the ‘I told you so’ feeling reading through it.”

The next few days and weeks will determine what the fate of the party will be. The Governors have certainly gotten their way, but at what cost to the party you have to wonder.

No doubt, the south-west unity was artificial because they saw the reality at the convention. They had traded words against themselves prior to the convention. The aspirants were not fighting for the interest of the region but for their personal ego.

The convention revealed what to expect in 2019, many had thought the PDP would effect a change in government but even the party has shown it is not ready.

The South West will once again determine who becomes president in 2019, with the PDP in control of the South East and South South, Buhari’s fanatical unwavering 12 million voters on ground in the North, the PDP has only successfully weakened itself as a more educated, more enlightened South West voters will not be abandoning an Osinbajo soon for whatever the PDP will give.

This further speaks volume to the South East who were thinking the PDP would repay their loyalty with a vice president.