Renowned singer, BNXN formerly known as Buju is set to be questioned by the Lagos State Police Command after an alleged statement that he spat on a police officer during a confrontation.

This development which was prompted by the misunderstanding was revealed after the singer took to Twitter on Wednesday in the tweet, which was also discovered that he later deleted. He said, “I just spat in a police officer and it felt so good” [sic].

With so much concern after the incident, the Lagos police command through its spokesperson, Benjamin Hundeyin, revealed that the police officers involved will be sanctioned for their misbehaviour.

Hundeyin has also promised that if Buju is guilty in the issue, he will answer for assaulting an officer and vice-versa.

“@BNXN proudly tweeted that he ‘spat in [sic] a police officer’s face and it felt so good,’ the officer wrote on Twitter.

“He has since deleted the tweet. The police officers will be sanctioned for their misbehaviour if established, while Buju ‘BNXN’ will surely answer for his assault on a police officer.”