The Force Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Police Force, Frank Mba says, the administration of the new Inspector General of Police won’t be solely run by him alone but with Nigerians and for Nigerians.

Speaking from Abuja as a guest on the fast rising program, ”News Hub”, the newly appointed PRO said in carrying Nigerians along with the policies of the new IGP, there will be a lot of town hall meeting.

Concerning the news, on Deji Adeyanju who has allegedly been incarcerated, he said he won’t deny the fact that he has no clue on the story, but will do his findings.

On Dino Melaye’s case, he said the case is not in the custody of the Police force, but in the Ministry of Justice.

Mba said the current IGP has hit the ground in the area of the forth coming elections, stressing that the police will do everything possible to make sure that Nigerians will vote without any issue.

Speaking further, he said there will be adequate security during the elections, stressing that, it is the responsibility of the police to serve the people.

On the responsibilities of the IGP, Mba said the name of the immediate past IGP should not be made mentioned of because, the post of the IGP is a continuum, assuring that the new IGP is ready.

In response, Mba said change is continuous as they will continue to work, look at what their predecessors has done and run with the policies, making mention of SARS as a work in progress, as the IGP will be meeting with the Civil society, the media, and other bodies, with an assurance that the people will be carried along.

On the aspect of the people, he said there will be a lot of town hall meeting to carry the people along, giving accolades to the current IGP as a vast and widely travelled officer, stressing that his huge experience will be reflected in his works.

Concerning the SARS and the police reforms, he said what they have done is just one step and others will follow, admitting that there are a lot of problems to be resolved in the police force.

Mba also promised Nigerians that there will be a lot of reforms in the area of training of Nigerian officers, assuring Nigerians that the new IGP will not be sentimental in carrying out his duties.

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