Ministerial nominee and a serving member of the House of Representatives Khadijah Abba Ibrahim was allowed to take a bow after responding to some few questions.

This is not because she is a member of House of Representatives but because her husband is a senator.

She was one of the three nominees that were screened by the senate on Tuesday and no doubt she enjoyed herself. 

The atmosphere at the upper chamber favoured her.

Besides the fact that she enjoyed the support of several female members of the house who accompanied her to the upper chamber, Khadija was screened by her husband.

Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim asked his wife how she would feel if she was allowed to bow and go.

She felt great after she spoken of her pedigree, lineage and enormous involvement in Politics & Government, took a bow and left the chamber.

Nominee Khadijah Bukar Abba Ibrahim is a currently serving member of the House of Representatives from Yobe State. 
Khadijah Abba Ibrahim comes in as several female Members of the House of Representatives join her in solidarity!