The police have confirmed the death of three people and eleven others injured, when multiple shooters opened fire in the South Street area of Philadelphia.

According to Philadelphia Police Inspector D.F. Pace, a district which is known for entertainment was turned into a scene of carnage as officers patrolling the South Street area heard gunfire and observed “several active shooters shooting into the crowd.”

At a news conference on Sunday, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said the shooting started at about 11:31 p.m. on Saturday, CNN reports.

Speaking further, Outlaw who revealed that five guns were used by the shooters after a possible “physical altercation” also revealed that the officers stationed on South Street “observed several civilians suffering from gunshot wounds, lying on the sidewalk and in the street.” The officers then began rendering first aid to those who were injured.

An account of others killed and wounded was also disclosed by Outlaw as there are chances that one gunman who escaped police must have been shot and wounded, while another suspected gunman, who may have been involved in the physical altercation, is likely among the three people killed.

The other two victims are believed to be innocent bystanders, Outlaw noted.